Welcome to SLAWBUD BUILDERS COMPANY. We are a friendly and reliable team that offers full kitchen and bathroom refurbishing aswell as a variety of general jobs. We always have in mind our clients needs. We have  a great reputation within our clients, we are also a fully expirienced and respected company.


We offer a full refurbishment, we take on minor and major jobs, they are always taking care of details and always get the job done to the highest standards.

We help you in deciding and choosing your dream kitchen, in a hassle free way you can get the job done, all you do is sit back and help decide on key details to create your dream home.

We alsooffer a rang of general jobs, these include floor changes, painting, bedroom refurbishing and many more.

What our clients think about our services

“I was a little worried abot the mess and the hassle at first but these were washed away as the friendy team began to completely redo my batroom.The services are affordable and very quick to my surprise as I was expecting such a job to take longer. Very happy with the service, highly reccomend.”

Adam, Croydon

“My kitchen was really not my dream space so I began searching for the right person to do the job for me, I chose this team as they are affordable and seemed very professional, I was correct, the company did a great detailed job that was so beautiful when finished,I was so impressed withmy kitchen in the end. The service is reccomended by me.”


“I got SLAWBUD BUILDERS COMPANY to redo two bedrooms in my house. I was so impressed as all the jobs were done so well and professionaly for a good deal, all I did was showed them what I wanted and found some products Iliked and within a short time I had a total room makeover”

John, Sutton